29 June 2011
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29 June 2011,

Jeff, Ali and I decided it was time to unify all the things we do into one neat package. So, we  created The Black Belt 3 Group. Basically, this group represents the three of us and the parent company, and showcases all of the great programs we offer. Within this Group we have Atlanta Kick - Karate, Kickboxing and Fitness, AK CrossFit, and Operation Boot Camp.

We had the thought, "What is at the heart of what we do with all of our programs?" A theme definitely surfaced: We help people become stronger, more fit, and more capable - both mentally and physically. So why not go back to our roots and give our group a name that represents where we began; as karate students, instructors and business owners, working towards continual improvement, and helping others to do the same. We are three black belts, so the name fit!

The themes we embraced in the martial arts like Perseverance, Discipline, Respect, and Integrity, have great meaning in our lives and have helped guide our decisions along the way - and when I think about it, they are the inspiration for almost everything we do in business. It is our genuine passion to discover the strength inside our clients, and then help them step out of their comfort zones to achieve things they never imagined they could do. These endeavors end up enhancing every aspect of life - in the gym, at work, and at home. Over many years we have developed great skill in motivating clients to move past their mental and physical limits.  We  help people become strong and confident, inside and out. It's truly a worthy and fulfilling pursuit, and we  feel very fortunate to have careers that embody such meaningful work.

So, when you see the name - The Black Belt 3 Group - (AKA "BB3"), you'll know that anything that's associated will have our hearts and efforts behind it.  Our promise is to always create programs and communities that will build you up, make you stronger - inside and out, hopefully a little wiser, and all around happier in life.

Welcome to The Black Belt 3 Group!

- with strength we can persevere...


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